16 Halloween Makeup Ideas You Have To Try

If you’ve followed me on social media for any amount of time, you know I LOVE Halloween. It’s the time of year makeup artists and enthusiasts rejoice, as it is finally socially acceptable to leave the house in full glam, full gore, and any and everything in between. Count me in.

Since this is the fourth (omg!) year I have been infatuated with Halloween transformations, I thought I would compile each look I’ve created and rank them based on difficulty. Most are totally doable if you have not even a single artistic bone in your body.


Baywatch Lifeguard

Throw on some highlighter, lashes, gloss, and a red swimsuit. I have a YouTube tutorial on this look, watch it here.


1950’s Barbie

This is completely adjustable and open to interpretation. I always loved being a Pink Lady as a child and this is a grown-up version.


Cute Pikachu

I created this look last year in the heat of PokémonGO. You can still order these ears with Amazon Prime in time for Halloween. Watch the tutorial here.



I created this to go to work in 2014. It worked for me since I already have the long blonde hair down and the makeup I did was very loosely based on the actual character. I’d like to think my eyebrows (at least!) have improved over the past three years!


Sandy from Grease

This look was from a summer photoshoot this year, but I got so many comments comparing me to Sandy, I figured I would include it! Again, this is an easy look if you’re already blonde, but even if not, add some red lips, big hair, and a black off-the-shoulder top. Photo courtesy of Eric Jackson Photography.



Pennywise from “IT”

Very popular this year. Adjustable difficulty depending on the eyes. Watch my tutorial here.

Female Pirate

A hat and some gaudy jewelry will enhance your eyeliner-patch. I actually really liked this eye-dea. 😉


Girly Cat

Basic alert! I’ve been this as a last minute look two (three?) years. Always impressive, despite the fact you’ll see clones at every party.



Again, always impressive despite the over-saturation. This is also adjustable depending on your skill base. (Sorry again for the 2014 BROWS UGH)

Pretty Poison

This look is based off a Pinterest favorite, scrolling for uniquely festive looks a couple years ago. It’s more just Halloween “themed,” as opposed to being based off an actual character. I love how it turned out, though. 





I loved this look! It still could be improved upon, but it’s different. Watch my tutorial here.



This is one to be mindful of when creating — you want to look like a living dead, but be careful not to look abused. My mom hated this one for that reason. Personally, I’m proud of my bullet hole.





Unzipped Skeleton

This one was not very difficult, especially since I went for a cartoon-like look, but it took forever. And forever in the shower. Watch it here.


Marilyn Monroe Painting

One of the most difficult face paintings I’ve ever done, despite it being only two colors. This one requires quite a bit of artistic ability for the shadows to look authentic. Watch my tutorial here.

Pop Art Superhero

One of my favorites, if not the absolute fav. I’ve done this look two years in a row and it gets jaw-dropping reactions for the effort it takes. Watch my tutorial here.


Half Skull

This is such a popular look within the past couple years! There are so many incredible variations. My first attempt (two years ago, first photo) was not my best, but I tried again recently and added a vampire element and am really pleased with the outcome. Scroll for more of the vampire-skull shoot!

Please send me anything you recreate! I would LOVE to see!

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