Beautiful beginnings.

Welcome to my website! I am so excited to be writing this and even more excited you are READING IT!

Before even getting into my background, I would just love to thank all of the incredible, supportive, beautiful people in my life who have helped me and motivated me. I’m a strong, independent woman, but I would not be writing this if it weren’t for you. I appreciate each and every one of you more than you know.

My whole life has revolved around fashion and glamour…or so I like to think. From living in my dress up box and always wanting to wear my “pretty dress” at age 3, to being the most adorable kindergartner (thanks to my mom for that one), to logging my outfits every day of the entire school year – yes, that actually happened, and, yes, I still have the notebook to prove it. I definitely struggled with my personal style and insecurities, and still do, of course, but fashion has always been my greatest passion. I developed a deep love for makeup only within the more recent years, but I would totally wear false eyelashes daily (if it didn’t take so much time and effort).

All of my teenage years were spent thinking Columbus, Ohio stunted my creativity. Growing up in the suburbs of the city, I wanted to get as far as I could to a warmer, more fashionable arena. I didn’t follow through with this, but I find I appreciate CBus much more as I mature. It is the third city in the country for providing careers in fashion – thanks to L Brands – and its youthful, eclectic population adds a certain charm to the Midwestern metropolis.

I spent the majority of my middle and high school years as an entertainer: participating in plays, musicals, and living in the spotlight performing in and emceeing talent shows and choir concerts. An audience has always motivated and inspired me. I wanted to start blogging about five years ago for this reason, but told myself I couldn’t. I couldn’t put outfits together well enough, I couldn’t model the clothes well enough, I couldn’t dare ask someone to take pictures of me constantly. Then I realized, I could.

I had made an Instagram account showcasing my makeup in early 2015, but wasn’t very active and did not post high quality content. A close friend of mine (Lindsay), who is very popular on social media, persuaded me to start modeling casually, to look into trade-work with photographers: no one gets paid, simply receives photos for their portfolios. I started doing this for fun in May of 2016, and started taking my social media much more seriously.

Since then, I have wanted to start an official blog and ditch the eye-rollingly ridiculous “Instagram Model” title. So here it is! I will be posting my outfit details, style tips, fun videos and so much more! I am ready to start this summer on the right flip-flopped foot.

Please follow me on social media (see homepage) to be notified of new posts or sign up for my email updates! Welcome to my life!

  1. Denise Bloom

    June 3, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    From Brat Dolls to Blog, you have always been my Lil Fashionista! Congratulations, you had to be ready. Career, like happiness, is a choice. Glad and proud to see that you’re working toward what makes you smile! I’ll ALWAYS be your #1 fan! And btw, you were 2 when you went through your “pretty dress” phase! Yes, you could communicate that…you have never been just a pretty face! Now, take the world by storm, Sweetcheeks!!! πŸ˜πŸ‘ πŸ’„πŸ‘‘πŸ‘œπŸ’‹

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