Lounging in Brooklyn in Guilty Soles

If you follow my Instagram, you know I recently visited New York City to realize it was a place for which I didn’t expect to fall head over Guilty Soles heels. I have so much to say about (and so many outfits to share from) my first time in the beautifully hectic city, so stay tuned for that coming soon.

Shoes Guilty Soles | Dress Everly | Necklace Nasty Gal | Bracelets Victoria Emerson

I am so excited to be collaborating with Guilty Soles! I kid you not, when I scrolled through their website, I had a hard time choosing just one pair of shoes. I stalked my roommate for her opinion, triple-texted my mom which was her favorite, I (literally) tossed and turned in bed weighing the pros and cons of the pairs I had narrowed down. Check out my close favorites here, here, and here. Then, I came across these beauties and I knew these were it; they’re occasion shoes, for sure, but they are perfectly feminine, sleek, sexy, with just the right amount of edge. Plus, they help me achieve my dreams of Alaia without having to file bankruptcy. I knew they deserved to touch down on the legendary streets of NYC.

Packing for New York was a sport: setting records for Most Jeans Tried On in a 10 Minute Period, Longest Distance “Oh, DEFINITELY Not” Tops Thrown Across the Room, Most Shoes Shoved into a Duffle Bag. Needless to say, I could take a lesson or two in packing light, but my excuse is now, “I’m a fashion blogger, this is my job.” Totally excusable. As soon as I tried on this floral Everly maxi dress from Thread, I knew it was love. I paired it with my Guilty Soles and readied myself for the city.

Though not the most practical for walking on the Brooklyn Bridge, I sure did feel like a total princess sitting in these gorgeous heels and dreamlike dress. Even with thousands of passersby, taxis racing directly below, and taking photos in these beautiful pieces, I felt so at ease in the moment and lost myself in exactly where I was. Lounging on the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset, with some of my closest friends, looking over the freshly lit skyline of New York. The crowning moment to an absolutely sublime stay.