The Dreamiest Summer Set + SheIn Review

I recently found myself scrolling through IG when a photo of a beautiful blogger in an adorable skirt set caught my eye. I looked at it, at her, at how she accessorized it, and thought, “hmmm, how many hundreds will this be?” Never have I been more pleasantly surprised.

I screenshot the photo to shop on LikeToKnowIt, an interactive app which matches your LTK-enabled screenshots with their respective virtual shopping bags. I was FLOORED when I discovered this set was only $31! THIRTY. ONE. For both pieces!!! WHAT!!!! I quickly scrolled the site called SheIn (commonly referred to as “SheInside,” as well) to find dozens of other incredible deals on summer trends and pieces I totally didn’t need.

Before committing to PayPal, I had found the set, this crop top (which arrived and was more like a crop BRA, but it’s been working for me! I also styled it with the skirt for less of a matchy-matchy look), this adorable $10 gingham top (blog post coming soon!), and one of those infamous, skicky, lace-up bras everyone and their mothers (well…I hope not…) has “how to”ed on Insta. By the end of this spree, I had racked up  $56 total. Not too shabby.

By the time I finally received by purchases (it took three weeks), I was surprised yet again. Considering the prices of the garments, I was not expecting silk and cashmere, but the crop top ripped as soon as I tried it on. Could have been a sizing issue, could have been a quality issue, could have been an I’m-so-excited-to-see-this-on issue. Regardless, it ripped immediately…not a fantastic first impression. The skirt set was a teeny bit smaller than I had hoped, but it is doable. The top is not the most flattering if you are busty, though. Sticky boobs have been so far a hit (I’ve worn them about 4 times already), though I will never use the lace up feature since I am no fan of crazy cleavage. The gingham top is ADORBS and I’ve already shot some photos in it which I am excited to share!

All in all, SheIn is great if you are on a budget and prefer lower-quality, trendy clothing. Like Forever 21. Cute items, but be warned: you will have to wait, the clothing will likely be a size or so smaller than you typically wear, there is no tag or label inside so the resale value is basically nonexistent, and you cannot expect them to last. Would I order again? Absolutely, but I will be very wary of the type of items I will order. Some pieces are worth an investment and others are not.

These photos were taken in the courtyard of the beautiful Glidden House in Cleveland, Ohio.

Which top do you prefer with this skirt? Let me know!

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