5 Best Valentine’s Gifts For Him (And You) Under $50

My thought regarding Valentine’s Day is since it is so close to the holidays, it’s okay not to splurge if your budget is still recovering. It’s a made-up holiday to celebrate your loving relationship, so it’s okay to keep about just that. Many people would be elated at simply a lovely dinner or breakfast in bed (at least, I would), but if you’re looking to spoil your man reasonably, here are some wonderfully thoughtful and affordable gift ideas.

     1. Sunglasses

These are such an underrated accessory: no matter how many pairs he has, they’re an easy staple he can always have more of. Especially for these prices.

     2. Leather Wallets and Belts

Simple and practical, these wallets can even be affordably monogrammed for added personalization.

     3. Leather Watches and Bracelets

Also underrated. Gift him some additional arm candy this year. Some of these are on awesome sales right now, too.

     4. Slippers, Joggers, and Pajamas

PJs are a tough thing to splurge on for yourself, so it’s nice when others treat you to them. Slippers are a necessity in colder winters.

     5. Great Grooming Supplies

Most men don’t know (or care) about skin care or often don’t explore outside their comfort zone when it comes to grooming accessories. Take advantage of the opportunity to get him something great for his regimen, and great for your nose, too.

For YOU!

Now that you’ve gotten him some awesome stuff, treat yo self, girlfriend! Prepare for the fact he may not know your style and start dropping hints and screenshots. Or just congratulate yourself on a job well done with some of my current favs under $50 listed below.

One of my favorite jewelry companies offers free shipping on orders over $50! If you follow me anywhere, you know I live in my Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets, partially because I absolutely love the styles, and partially because they are the sweetest company EVER. I wear (at least) one every day! Click on the photos below to shop my favorite styles:

whitegold blackskull wrapla paznecklace

Happy shopping!


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