Writer’s Block – How to Wear Color in the Winter: Day 4

Have you ever seen an article of clothing and thought, “I can’t decide it that’s adorable or horrible”?

That was my thought with this color block Boden skirt. I liked it, but knew it was the type of piece I’d like in the store, only to get home to find I have nothing to wear with it, and/or realize I have no clue how to style an outfit around it.

Which is exactly why I bought it.

Fun Skirts

Once it was home, and I was aware of the fit and the shape, I started with tight-fitting tops. When the bottom is big and colorful and voluminous, the top half should be the opposite. I searched and tried and tossed and sighed. After attempting my entire solid wardrobe, I decided to open my mind to something more interesting, to stop limiting to what I thought I knew to be best.

With my mind wider and wardrobe now, too, seemingly expanded, I reached for this beautiful silk top with feathers from designer Kalmanovich. I picked this up at Luxury Garage Sale in Chicago last year and thought it was the coolest blouse. The two pieces together were exactly what I imagined: cute, funky, unconventional, colorful, and still (sort of) in season!

Feather Tops

Sometimes what you think or expect to work in an outfit it not what actually will–or, at least, there is a more fitting option. On first glance my thought would be, “Never,” to this blouse and skirt combo, but once they were together, they worked. Adding a twist on the ordinary is my very favorite aspect of fashion. Wearing something daring, different, even if it’s simply out of your own comfort zone, can unleash a confidence previously unknown. Next time you’re stuck in a pile of try-ons thinking you have nothing to wear, piece together a look unlike your typical style. You may create a look you love.


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